Valuable worthless Vault by Daphna Laurens

Designed by Daphna Laurens, the Vault is not meant to store cash, gold or diamonds. Instead, it has been created with a vision to house objects of emotional value to the user. While designing the vault that’s both valuable and worthless in different meanings, designer realized that the things that carry real ‘value’ are about family, friendship and love. The Vault features five small drawers where you can place and store family photographs, emotional letters and tiny objects that remind you of special moments with your near and dear ones.

The shape of Vault draws inspiration from mineral pyrite, which we also call the fool´s gold. The likeness to gold pyrite can be mistaken to be very expensive while being actually worthless. The designer says that even if you steal the vault or its ‘valuable’ contents, they will be of no value to you.

Via: Dalpha Laurens

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