Willow by Nola is a stylish planter you could also use as a seat

For years, Swedish design house Nola has been creating award-winning designs for urban spaces and the Willow planter is no exception. Designed by Louise Hederström, the Willow multi-purpose planter has been exhibited at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012. The inspiration for the planter came from the Willow tree, which has a compact trunk and flexible long branches. There is an opening on the top and the containers for your plants come out like tree branches from the planter.

The Willow by Nola lets homeowners grow different types on plants in one planter. You can also go for the variant that comes with a wooden disc made from oiled oak or birch to cover the top, which also doubles as a seating unit. So, Willow is both a seat and a stylish planter. It could be used in almost any space, be it your living room, patio, backyard, office or some shopping mall.

Via: StylePark

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