Ballcraps edge-lit LED coffee table lets you place your best bets

Looking for a perfect solution to bet with your friends while watching the game? Enter Ballcraps, a game that arranges all your in-game bets you play with your friends. While football players are on the field making their plays, you can play bets with your friends. The design looks like that of a traditional craps table where you place your bets and then the shooter rolls the dice. Ballcraps has simple rules. You can bet on the predictions for the next play, the set of downs or the game. All the bets and the odds are acceptable to you and the people around you.

The project by Joe Matt Micah and Robert has already been funded at Kickstarter and you can buy the physical game set right now. They are also working on the game with a web interface to let you play online with your friends. The electronic version of Ballcraps will be made available to the backers on priority basis. They also have boards for other sports and you will be able to buy the Baseballcraps for the 2012 season.

Priced at $6,500, the physical set includes the game board, a start guide, betting chips and odd indicators. The edge-lit table can be custom ordered to suit your liking.

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