Core Deco 5-level Diamond corner shelf

Founded in Spring 2011, Core Deco aims to create unique functional design objects and furniture for residential spaces. Conceptualized by graphic artist Matt W. Moore and built by master woodcrafter Erik Flanagan, the Diamond corner shelving system makes way for dynamic shadow play, which depends on the light source. The 5-level shelf in the shape of a diamond would add grace to any corner of your living room. A work of art, the Diamond corner bookshelf offers enough storage space for your books, bottles and other home accessories.

Available in Blast Red, Royal Blue and Black, the Diamond corner shelf measures 48in x 24in and the main shelf is 13-inches deep, which is good enough to hold your big items. Also available from Core Deco is the Modular corner shelf, which is a simplified, 3-level version of the Diamond shelf. This shelf could be arranged in a number of ways. The Diamond Corner Shelf sells for $495.

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