Coffee Table Designing Tips for Modern Homes

Flowery Arrangements on coffee table

Coffee table is an integral part of modern homes that simply makes or mars the décor of any living area. If you find your coffee table increasingly cluttered, Here are design tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members that can spruce up the coffee table and make it visually pleasing and functional at the same time.

Use Trays for Layers

The best thing about using trays on your coffee table is that they help compartmentalize items and break up the surface. In doing so, they would successfully utilize the entire space on even large coffee tables. So if you have a large coffee table in your home, consider placing one or two brass trays on it to keep extra items.

Use Compositions of Different Height

There is no need to stick to a particular height when arranging items on your coffee table. Designers actually prefer using objects of varying heights to decorate coffee tables, indicating that this would increase the focal point of interest on the table. When aptly arranged, a coffee table with high, medium and low objects can become a thing of great beauty.

Place Lanterns

Lanterns when placed on coffee tables give a fresh, contemporary look to the entire space. Opt for oversized lanterns that decorate the table appropriately without actually looking overwhelming. Moreover, you do not need to dash around looking for a candle if the dark. Simply light the lantern and continue with your party.

Opt for Pops of Colors

Decorating your coffee table with colorful accents like books and flowers can help make it look more interesting and visually appealing. Another way to add more color would be to opt for smaller coffee tables in varying colors and group them together to form a bigger table.

Display your Favorite Collection

A coffee table does not necessarily need to accommodate just drinks, newspapers and magazines. You can use a part of the coffee table to display interesting collections, preferable some of your favorite stuff. You can display items like books, boxes and even art pieces on the coffee table. This way, when someone visits your house, you can make use of these items to crack the ice and start a conversation.

Cover it with a Throw

At times, you can design a coffee table with a throw. Consider, for example, the seating area of a home in Kenya. The coffee table at the center is actually an ottoman draped with a traditional Indian throw, thus giving an instant “English” feel to the entire room. Draping a coffee table with a throw can offer an interesting mix of cultures with just the right amount of luxury and comfort.

Complement it with Natural Elements

A coffee table would look fantastic with just the right amount of natural elements. For example, you can decorate your coffee table with antique wooden bowls to give it that quaint natural touch. In addition to being fully functional, this would add some history to the entire space. Just looking at these elements would make one feel the sense of being surrounded by nature even when seated in a room filled with strong furniture silhouettes. Therefore, try mixing some natural elements you already have in the house to brighten the surrounding space instantly.

Opt for Flowery Arrangements

If you prefer a minimalistic look, a simple flowery arrangement would be more than perfect for the coffee table. Choose an elegant vase and fill it up with flowers to give the coffee table a beautiful, natural look. Designers recommend choosing monochromatic arrangements when it comes to choosing flowers for the vase, as this would give just the elegance to the coffee table without looking too melodramatic.


Designing the coffee table in your home is not that hard a task. Consider these tips to transform an otherwise simple furniture piece into an elegant conversation starter, which would be just the right thing for parties and family gatherings.

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