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Paintings are an element that is perhaps one of the most transformative in nature. Transformative in that you take a painting and just hang it on an empty wall with nothing alongside to complement the look and voila!! You got yourself a complete look, brimming with unity, and in nowhere can you find a speck of discontinuity.  That is the magic of a painting, or even a photograph for that matter, it imparts such a sense of completeness that you will be amazed at the fact. Moreover, a painting also helps to give out a touch of culture and heritage, that little delicate touches of aristocracy. Not everyone can afford a painting though. However, in the modern age, where everyone is essentially an artist, there is not a limit or a definition of what art is. Therefore, in the modern times, there is literally so much that can go into being called as a painting.


Abstract art is the new fad and as more and more people take to it, it will soon become a household commodity, such as to enhance the look of a blank wall. In that respect, some of the craziest and yet the innovative ideas in the modern design world does come somehow or the other related to paintings.


The modern age is an age of innovation, of doing something new, and that is what designers are striving to do nowadays. Paintings are being used, not just on paper, but even in paint itself. Thus, we have houses where the painting of a face is done on the wall itself, encrusted into its depth.

We also have the element of collage, using bits of pictures to create a whole unified and new picture. This has led to the element of creating a whole picture using only just one single pattern, magnified to hundred times its size and thus creating something novel.

Free Texture Wall 2010_10_01_02_0.preview

Of course, painting in that it refers to the sue of paint has always provided interesting results in the design world. Thus, you have all new shapes and sizes that go into painting a wall. You also have the element of using dabbles of paint to provide a texture, a feel to the wall, instead of just plain smooth. There is always the element of contrasting colors within a single room. This helps to create a unified look out of juxtaposing binary elements; that is the magic of paint.

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