Ramera water faucet creates an inviting visual experience

Designed by Hee Jong Moon, the Ramera water faucet is one of coolest faucet concepts we have seen to date. It doesn’t boast any high tech features, but enjoys an elegant, artistic design that will surely let you experience water in a completely new way. Creating an enticing visual experience for the homeowners, the Ramera water faucet has a unique silhouette that resembles a fountain, which makes for different characters while being used. When not in use, the faucet impresses with its sculptural beauty, thanks to its architectural composition. When the water flows through the Ramera faucet, the organic nature of the water completes the movement of the construction, thereby adding meaning to each element.

The flowing water makes for engaging visual experience while mobbing from one element to the other. The gesture and the elements in the 3D sketches done by the designer created a unique and mesmerizing flow, which has been translated into a water faucet.

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