Bedroom Furniture in Van and some other off the Beaten Path Living Ideas


It is often said that one must make their own way, not copy others etc. However, rarely is this accepted. However, the millennials are quickly changing the game. They’re doing their own thing without bothering about rules and social norms. No wonder then, the social fabric is slowly but surely going through a huge change. However, one problem that still remains firmly footed and unchanged is that of owning a house in an urban area.

Unless you have bedroom furniture sets to match your décor, you’re not accepted as a part of society. With property prices skyrocketing, it is next to impossible to buy a house of your own. While some people go all lengths and end up buying a lovely house and have everything sorted to the last detail. They even have their home appliance insurance sorted. However, is it really necessary to own a huge box of brick and mortar and to enclose yourself in it? Here are some other alternatives to it – 

Cosy Bedroom Furniture Sets Can be used in a RV or a Camper Van


Life in an RV or a Camper Van can be very comfortable. It can often be more comfortable than in a stationary room. It is exciting, luxurious and ever-changing. It isn’t for nothing that celebrity vans are always a hot topic of discussion. In fact, you can easily fit in bed room furniture sets in a van and turn it into a cosy living space. So, how exactly do you live in a Remote Vehicle or a Camper Van? It isn’t too difficult either.

You can buy a readymade one or you can buy a vehicle and convert it into a living space as per your liking. Of course, getting into a lifestyle like this can be intimidating but then it’s energizing too! Moreover, it isn’t that scary if you have a home appliance insurance and a vehicle insurance in place. For, literally, those are the only two things that you’ll have to worry about when living the van life!

Living in a Porta Cabin or an RV Home

These homes are nothing but metal containers. The only downside being that these aren’t weatherproof. However, they are sturdy enough to handle most weather conditions. Moreover, these cabin homes cost you next to nothing. All you need to do is find a suitable location for them and you are good to go.

A large number of companies offer porta cabins and hence, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a cheap one.  Moreover, this gives you open field to practice your creativity. You can do anything you like both, on the outside as well as the inside of your house. While they’re generally used to provide temporary housing on construction sites, they’re definitely a good idea for permanent residence too! After all, everyone needs a place to implement their bedroom makeover ideas.

Digital Nomading

Bedroom-Furniture-in-VanThis is one of the most creative and most lucrative options. It provides the option to not live in a fixed place and flitter from one location to another. At the same time, you’re making more than enough money. Since you’re not investing in a home, a car or a credit card, you are saving all that money. However, this isn’t easy and requires a lot of acumen and smartness to accomplish. “Digital” Nomads are people who are into jobs that can be done via telecommuting i.e. using your gadget or phone. Digital Nomads also work in cities they are travelling to, for instance, waiting tables at cafes or at local libraries etc.  This definitely cancels out the need for a home. So, if you dream of beautiful bedroom makeover ideas, then this may not be an ideal choice for you.

Buying a Cheap Plot of Land

This is again something that requires a little creativity. A regular plot of land isn’t going to get you anywhere. It is a good idea to buy those plots that are being auctioned off either by banks or governments. Since these have been stuck for a long time in an unpaid loan situation, they are often auctioned off much cheaper than their actual price. However, look at all aspects of the deal and check the papers thoroughly before you seal the deal. While this is a wonderful idea to escape the housing price, you definitely don’t want to be stuck in a land dispute that’ll cost you much more than that.

Living on the Outskirts of the City


This is another creative thing to do. More often than not, the inside of the city is connected to the outskirts via public transport. It is therefore very easy to commute to and fro. Buy a house in one of these areas, where you’re also going to be away from the main hustle-bustle and traffic for most part of your day. Thus, it is definitely a lucrative option to live on the outskirts of the city.

Thus, if the rising prices of property are troubling you, consider this off-beat and unusual options! You never know what you’ll settle down on!

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