Transform your home into a classy one with these flashy designs

Transform your home

You can turn your simple home decor into a luxurious one by adding some exquisite wall decor. You can fill your walls with your own art-collection which can have both expensive and inexpensive pieces, that will give your home a luxurious look. You can visit galleries in your city or even buy art online to start your collection. There are many other things which you can do to make your walls look gorgeous. You can mount beautiful shelves on the walls which you can fill with beautiful hand-crafted objects or small flower arrangements or bird’s nests, the list is endless. Here a few more ideas to inspire you:

Copies of great masters


Not all of us can afford to buy masterpieces costing millions of dollars but we certainly can buy good copies of the great masters. You can choose to buy a copy of paintings done by your favourite artist, frame them in intricately designed gilded frames and hang them on a prominent wall.

Use bulldog clips

Instead of framing your art, you can dip into your office supplies and get some bulldog clips. You just have to attach the clips to any wall and just clip the art in and swap it whenever you want. 

Dedicate a wall to colorful plates

You can search for beautiful plates in vintage or antique shops or find them online. Put up plates of different colors, sizes and shapes to create a dynamic display. Before mounting the plates, arrange the plates on the floor and click a photo to know what it will look like on the wall. You can make any changes easily before you hang the plates up on the wall.

Create your own sea glass window

If you have a collection of pretty beach glass, you can use it to cover a windowpane. It’s a take on stained glass but of course, much cheaper and easily achieved. The gaps between the glass pieces can be filled up with floral resin, which is available in floral supply stores. This idea is best for bathrooms, as it will let in light but it will block the view.

Colored mats

If you have any photos or paintings whose mats have faded, you can make it fresh again by swapping the faded paper with coloured paper. Pale blue paper gives a classic touch and looks fresh.

Vintage illustrations

Buy some papier-mâché letters or a plain cardboards and dig up a few of your kid’s old story books with beautiful illustrations. On the other hand, you could buy vintage books and cut out the illustrations and stick them on to letter forms or the cardboard to create a wonderful work of art.

Painted frames

If you have an empty wall, but don’t have big budget for interior decoration, you can collect antique frames of different sizes from yard sales and paint the frames in a color which matches your interior color scheme. Or else you can paint them in a bright color and hang them without glass and frame small objects to create a wonderful and original display.

Make flower portraits

Collect some flowers and press them using a heavy book and dry them completely. After they are dry, you can stick them on to a piece of linen or just place the flowers on top of the cloth before framing them.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Don’t let a single mirror on the wall tell you who’s the fairest – start a collection of mirrors with pretty frames and different sizes to make a wall come alive. A collection of small mirrors are more affordable than a large one, and like plates, they make a personal style statement.

Floor tile art

There are exquisite floor tiles and a few tiles on the wall that would look elegant. Check out stone quarries and tile stores for tiles which would suit your home décor.

Classroom maps

Your study wall can look great with the addition of a pull-down map, preferably vintage.

Real or faux paintings, along with plates and mirrors could be simple additions to your walls and elevate your home décor. You can transform your walls from simple to magnificent, using vintage pieces and quirky works of art, or with some clever DIY art you can create yourself.

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