Pillow stool seats you with magazines at arm’s length

It’s always good to see designers trying hands at multifunctional furniture units without compromising on the form and the functionality. Here is the Pillow Stool designed by industrial designer Hong Ying Guo, which is all about neat and clean lines and dual functionality. Made of steel bars, the Pillow stool lets you rest on its upper part with space underneath to place magazines, newspaper or any other stuff that can rest on the bars. Hong Ying Guo designed this chair when he was taking furniture design program of Danish Institute for Study Abroad.

The Pillow Stool’s steel bars on the first and second layer have been arranged in opposite direction to add to the overall looks. The curves on both sides make the chair comfortable for the users to sit on. A lot of research work was done before giving final shape to the Pillow stool. The minimalist chair with modern design was chosen by DIS to be exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York in 2011.

With his unique designs, Hong Ying Guo aims to express the amalgamation of creative thinking, usability and visual magnificence.

Via: TheMag

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