Handmade Assemblage Art Robot Lamp by Aesthetic Correlation

All you need to do with this robotic lamp is to add a shade. Designed by Anna and Cole of Aesthetic Correlation, the Assemblage Art Robot Lamp is a cool lighting piece that would look just perfect in the corner or your kids’ room. The handmade assemblage robot has been crafted out of machined aluminum, bicycle chain, springs and other motor parts. The robot lamp is articulated and is fully functional, featuring a $18 Edison bulb.

For DIYers, the assemblage robot lamp might serve as an inspiration to make one on their own using discarded materials they can easily find in the junkyard. Anna and Cole work on the simple philosophy of “Buy what you love” and they are in business with private clients, designers and dealers in NYC. They have now made available some of their creations to the public.

Via: Aesthetic Correlation


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