Innovative Kitchen Island designs for small kitchens that you can think about

Kitchen islands are multifunctional and are perfect for loft and studio apartments. The various shapes, designs, materials and sizes gives a person the flexibility to choose one that is suitable for their needs. It is a great alternative to a dining table or a workspace area in the kitchen.

Considering that space is a limitation, with small sized kitchens, the idea of having a kitchen island can be useful. When designing your kitchen island, you need to ensure that the style, size and layout of the island should give you the maximum space and benefit. Let us look at some innovative kitchen island designs that you can consider for your next kitchen renovation.

The All-wood kitchen island

If you are planning to have an all-wood concept in your kitchen, then having an island that blends in perfectly will be a good idea. You can choose to have the kitchen island designed to look like an antique chest of drawers or like the regular cabinet styled island.

The Bi- Level kitchen island

In this idea, the top layer of the island can be a part of the kitchen workspace or be used to place your food. You can use the lower level of the island as a built-in dining table. If you opt for this style, you would need to keep into consideration how many family members you have so that you can place the chairs accordingly.

A dining table with a small cabinet placed inside

Who said the kitchen islands have to be made from marble countertops. You can be innovative and place your dining table just in front of your kitchen. For extra space, you can buy or get a customized cabinet that fits under the table. This is all you need for a kitchen cabinet.

The island with a sink and stovetop on one side and a dining table on the other

If space is a constraint then you can choose to have a multifunctional kitchen island. In this idea, you can place the sink and a stovetop on the side facing the kitchen. You can have a smaller side that is facing the hall, which can be used as a dining table. This is perfect for studio apartments or small sized apartments if you do not want to have a wall between the hall and kitchen.

Angular kitchen islands for small spaces

If you have an angular kitchen, then it is essential that you get most out of its space. If this is what you want, an angular kitchen island will blend in perfectly with your needs. You can design the style and size of the island based on the space where you would like to place it.

A Kitchen island with an arch on top

In this idea, you can enhance the look of your kitchen island by placing it between two pillars of your kitchen. To give it that splendid look, you can consider an arch shaped design on the ceiling with a bi leveled kitchen island. The lower level of the island can face the kitchen with a workstation and cabinets. The upper end can face the dining hall.  This can act as a separation between the hall and kitchen area.

The L-Shaped Kitchen Island

If you are looking to have an L-shaped kitchen design, then you can consider having a L-Shaped kitchen island as a part of it. In this idea, you can have kitchen cabinets on the wall. The ground level can have multiple partitions to fit your cook top, dishwasher and the fridge to give it a custom look.

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