Upgrade your carpet with these cool ideas and trends of 2017

Flooring is probably one of the biggest decisions that a homeowner makes during the designing phase. It has been observed that in the past few years, the demand for hardwood flooring has gone up considerably as compared to the carpet. Carpet on the other hand has become more of a style statement that compliments the wooden flooring. In most cases, this is applicable for the drawing room area and the staircases.

Preferences on flooring:

When it comes to the bedrooms, it is more like a split between hardwood floor and carpet. Roughly around 60% of the homeowners go with hardwood floors along with the rug area while 40% still continue to opt for fitted or wall-to-wall carpet. The ones who opt for carpet in the bedrooms are generally fond of the comforting warmth that they get during their sleep, particularly those living in the cooler ecological conditions.

Trends in the preferences:

Carpet preferences are directly proportional to the context in which the carpets will be used and the individual needs of each of those carpets. In bedrooms, people generally prefer soft and velvety carpet as compared to the basements where durability and dust camouflaging quality is what matters the most. Similarly, for staircases it is more of a style statement along with durability.

Different forms and usage of carpets:

Depending upon the areas of usage, below are the different forms of carpets.

Runners and rugs:

The demand for hardwood flooring is going up day by day. It is because of this rise in demand more number of homeowners are opting for runners for the steps along with area rugs. Apart from the style and finesse, it also ensures safety. Runners and area rugs look best when they are selected in a contrasting color scheme. These days’ people are moving towards simpler and contemporary patterns as compared to the traditional ones.

Carpet with Tiles:

After runners and area rugs, this is the most opted form of carpets. These are more practical when it comes to commercial purposes as they can be easily replaced when damaged. Since last couple of years, it has found its way into people’s homes in the basements, dining areas and children’s play areas. It has proven to be pretty durable for areas high on foot traffic. 

Carpet with Geometric patterns:

These are universally loved because of their super practical application. As compared to the other types of carpets, these are pretty firmly looped making them ideal for the steps. The color options that are available are also very attractive. The best thing about these carpets is the subtle ridges on the surface that help in camouflaging the dust and dirt from the feet.

Pet resistant carpets:

It is amazing to see the progress that the carpet manufacturers have made in the last few years. It was in the year 2014 where this line of carpet was introduced. It uses stain protection technology and possesses antistatic property that releases pet fur which makes it easy to vacuum fur out from the carpet.

There are several options that one can choose from to enhance the flooring. It doesn’t matter what direction you opt for when it comes to decorating your house. All you have to make sure is to pay attention to the details keeping the aesthetic sense in mind. Carpets play an important role in the overall presentation. If you are finding it difficult to choose any one of the above then try mixing the elements. Try getting in touch with the experts. There are plenty of firms that offer free consultation.

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