Let your plants dance to the tunes and grow fast, healthy

Without doubt, music has a profound effect on our body and mind. Music affects our moods dramatically and can have positive effects on mental health and well-being of both the musician and the listener. The same theory applies to plants and many scientific experiments have been done in the past to study the effect of different types of music on the plants. Inspired by the same notion, designer Yi-Chen Sung has conceptualized a planter that features a built-in speaker in the shape of a chronograph. The project aims to explore the impact of music on the growth of plants inside the pot. The speaker has been designed to look like a flower coming out from the planter.

The planter-cum-speaker has three different parts – the base with electronics, the inner container that works as a vase and the speaker. Since the inner vase can be detached and houses no electronics, it is waterproof. The concept intends to show that the plants will grow faster and healthier in the direction of the music generated by the speakers.

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